Comedian Corey Holcomb Gives His Reasons Why African-Americans Don’t Belong In The Military | Is He Right?


It is amazing to see when our brothers become conscious. Comedian Corey Holcomb belongs to this group now. Although he is funny as hell as a comedian, he also has a serious side when it comes to white supremacy and how it destroys our people. If you pay attention to his facebook page, he always mention “the beast” and how they treat us as a people. If you have ever listened to his comedy, you know he doesn’t hold any punches.

In this interview, he talks about why black people shouldn’t be in the military. Prime example is why fight for a country that has a history of murdering you and is still doing it to this day. Reason number two, what has these other countries that America is invading ever done to black people. He makes some interesting points that makes alot of sense. I know that we have some active duty and veterans that are heavy in Urban Intellectuals. What is your take on what Corey Holcomb is saying.

Corey Holcomb on the military…what are your thoughts?

Posted by Maarifa Circle on Tuesday, December 8, 2015

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