Homeless Single Father Raises 56K To Help Homeless


James Moss became homeless with his young son Zhi after making a move to Denver from NYC to start a new life and having his housing arrangements fall through. He was left trying to arrange somewhere to live for his son and him. Now he is no longer homeless and is getting back on his feet but he wanted to help those in a similar position.

Moss managed to gather over $54k (now close to $56k and probably more as you read this!!!) in just 11 days. This viral rush happened after his story spread and he was seen in downtown Denver handing out free food to homeless people.

Speaking to local Denver media he said: “I was once in this position with my son. It just feels good (to help). I’ve got a little tingly feeling going on.”

Moss says he moved to Denver because of his son and that “Everything I do is for him. The reason I made this move is for him. To be in a peaceful place, the mountains, I want him to experience things that I missed growing up.”

What a special and inspirational story! A video report can be seen below.

The crowdfunding campaign can be found here: https://www.gofundme.com/helpingdenverjames

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