Unbelievable: Baltimore FOP Tweet Distraction of Police Brutality By Asking About Video Bloggers & 9/11


The audacity of police officers and their supporters to attempt to cover up or distract from police brutality across the country when it comes to black people is unbelievable. Just when you think their disrespect, lack of empathy and care couldn’t get any less, new information appears to prove you wrong.

Before the Freddie Gray murder at the hands of the Baltimore police department, they were no stranger to abusing the people of Baltimore. But to be fair, this was happening all around the country and not just in Baltimore as we know from the endless list of black victims.

Baltimore Police video bloggersThe Baltimore Fraternal Order of Police or FOP operates a Twitter account like so many organizations. Only this Twitter account seems to spew straight police propaganda, finger pointing and every opportunity to duck responsibility for officers that just might be out of line brutalizing the public they swore to serve and protect.

The infamous Tweet in question happened on February 13th, 2012, but speaks to the kind of trashy, straw man arguments folks love to dig up when their backs are against the wall.

When I first read the Tweet today, I thought there was no way anyone would attempt to make this comparison or to deflect the issues in such a way, especially the police. However, I was wrong and they seem to be sticking by their ignorant guns.

Yes, the police that have sworn to protect and serve your community taking your tax dollars doesn’t want to deal with the violence in their department. They want to question you on why no “video bloggers” were there on the scene in 9/11.



Fortunately, the public isn’t as dumb as they apparently believe we are and the people are not having it. The replies on Twitter were fierce, direct and hopefully will land between the eyes of the clowns who believe that pointing to a tragic event almost 15 years ago won’t distract the people from the tragedies happening everyday in our American cities by police officers paid to protect and serve.

SOUND OFF: Do you think anything would every change if people were not video recording the police and their brutality?


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