‘Officer of the Year’ Rapes 20 Illegal Immigrants


34-year-old Jonathan Bleiweiss, a former deputy officer of Broward County, Florida has recently been sentenced to 5 years in jail concluding an extensive 6 year investigation regarding 20 rape allegations.

The victims were all identified as illegal immigrants, whom Bleiwess sexually harassed while frisking and forced to perform sexual acts with the threat of deportation upon refusal.

imageAccording to public record of the case, Bleiweiss was charged with a vast amount of felony offenses including multiple counts of armed false imprisonment, battery, sexual battery of a minor, and stalking.

Quite the paradox, Bleiweiss was honored as ‘Employee of the Year’ in his district just months before victims began to come forward. The former police officer was allowed to stay on duty even after complaints were filed and during this time, he sexually assaulted a minor.


Possibly due to the defendant’s career as a police officer, he was sentenced to a rather lenient punishment: 5 years in prison and 10 years probation upon release. Bleiweiss was offered a plea deal that did not include any sexual assault convictions, despite his admittance of raping the 20 individuals.


Tell us what you think about this case in the comments. Are police officers given special treatment due to their status? Was justice served? 

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