The Afrocentric American Woman’s 12-Month Guide to Abundant Riches in 2015



*Take care of yourself first.

If you don’t, then nothing else you ever do or even think about matters. Watch what you eat, drink plenty of water, exercise as much as possible, invest in a Black Organic Farmers Union, like SAAFON.


*Every month of every day of every year is “Black History Month.” Proceed on that basis. (Note: February does have 30 days in some countries.)


*The devil never takes a day off, or goes on holiday.

Watch your own back at all times. Healthy and justifiable paranoia is good for you. You know who you need recorded evidence for and who you can trust. Trust your instincts before anything or anyone else. Sabotage is a daily factor in a Black woman’s life, especially when dealing with “certain” women of another race, or even sometimes, your own people.


*Let go of toxic relationships, even if it means parting ways with blood next-of-kin. You know who they are. Anyone who says there is no such thing as a “regret” lied to you. It doesn’t mean you have to hold on to regrets, just don’t fool yourself into thinking you won’t have them if you don’t part ways now.


*Instead of trying to set an example as a mother, try being a mother instead. Some of us learned that one the hard way. And even if you have no children of your own, every Black American child within your reach or grasp is yours to look out for. The Village worked before, why not now?


*Marriage is a business partnership. It is contractual and has been legalized and taxed in every state in America, either way you go about it.

The momentary “bling” of unfiltered and conditional love is not as everlasting as the business entity itself. Even if the nuptials consist of no more than two people standing at the altar or in position signing a legal agreement with no spoken or written vows or ceremoniess, look at it this way: Papers get signed now, or later.

Think ahead. Nothing lasts forever, not even YOU.


*Try staying tuned to educational and creative (cooking, design, crafting) channels on television this year.

Journal everyday about what you watched or listened to, or saw or heard; and what you learned from it, or about its “takeaway” value so you can review it on New Year’s Eve 2015. And Oh by the way … Move at least 10-percent of your “shoe, hair, and looks” budget over into your “reading, mindset, and books” budget.

We bet your entire mentality and viewpoint on life and its various aspects changes before the year is over.


*Investment strategy: Buy a home and some land.

Use the equity as collateral to buy a good healthy profitable franchise or start a home-based or commercial brick’n’mortar business of your own, like a florist or gift shop or fruit’n’juice health bar. Invest back into your business until you reach whatever goal you set for yourself, then start investing in your community and surrounds.

Forget the Internet marketing “schemes” unless you are a coder or app developer, or develop websites or do photography and/or graphics for a living.

The “net” was saturated with marketing ploys about 30 days after people figured out what the word e-mail meant, and the generation of the 1990’s ran it into the ground and left little to the imagination. You truly only need a website when your local “hard” licensed and registered business or non-profit is up and running and off the ground level; however, if you come up with something online that hasn’t been tried already — Good Luck!.


*Form an appreciation and some gratefulness for your American Labor Unions.

They aren’t perfect; but without them, America would never have known the meaning of equitable pay for minorities and women, time off, 8-hour days, holiday pay, merit pay, maternity leave, paternity leave, and especially not Equal Opportunity.


*Get involved in your local politics and get to know the politicians in your community – police forces, sheriffs, mayors, city council, school board, senators, house representatives, trustees/legislators, bankers, small business owners, what have you … don’t even play around with this.

It’s serious business and has a lasting impact on the way you are treated at home and in the streets, schools, and even in the church.

Think relationship-building (not just “networking”) at ALL times in ALL ways with EVERYBODY you meet on a professional and personal level, even if personal still means an ‘arms-length’ away.

And FRIGGIN VOTE ANYWAYwhether you want to, feel like it, or not.


*If you are blessed enough to have a good or even a half-way decent family, spend all the time with them that you can this year. Your tomorrows become your ‘yesteryears’ pretty quickly.


*Get your finances in order for the New Year and close out 2015 right.

Make sure you have a will written up and in the possession of someone you trust, or review and revise your old one as needed. You won’t die if you write one up, even if you have nothing to leave anyone.

It’s 2016

… or at least it’ll be here before you know it…


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