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In honor of “Boycott Facebook Day” on September 11 and 12, 2014, I’m going to do something historically erroneous and say this:


I could not title this article/post “The Black American Economics of Finance” or “Black Voting Rights and How the Math Works” because only a certain percentage of our reading audience would even click on it, let alone read it.

Here’s the deal, for those of you who are not sorely disappointed that you won’t be seeing any naked asses and stupid people acting up in this article today…

It was brought to my attention by Joan Gosier, owner of HBCU Kidz, Inc., that a faulty denominator has fallen out of Ferguson, MO.

I confess that I was out of the loop on Ferguson because I had other pressing matters to attend to during that period, so some folks have graciously brought me up to speed instead of cussing me out for falling off my usual A-game on keeping up with these matters.

At length, there have been several truly urbanic intellectual discussions about what the hell happened in Ferguson; and about why it is happening all over the United States in record numbers since some time around 2008, not that this kind of racism and police brutality ever actually went away in America since the late 1700s.

For the answers, Black people have to do some serious soul-searching and introspection about the fact that we would rather flee from the factual numbers and the urban math for a ‘quick ogle fix’ on WorldStar HipHop or even Facebook or YouTube than have to deal with the truth about our LOCAL LEVEL POLITICS that have brought us to this day.

Research the history of Ferguson, MO, the place where yet ANOTHER Black teen  by the name of Michael Brown was lynched by a white police officer while caught in the act of doing nothing particularly wrong except “acting like a teenager while Black.”

You know there are always three sides to every story, theirs, ours, and the TRUTH, so here is the “official” *wink wink* story of Ferguson, and here is the actual history of Ferguson, a densely populated suburb outside of St. Louis, Missouri [corrected] that is a whopping 67 (SIXTY SEVEN) percent BLACK.

The kicker?

If SIXTY-SEVEN PERCENT of Ferguson’s 22,600 residents are Black/African-American, ‘why come’ only three (3) of its police force are Black officers, and ‘why come’, get this, its mayor is white and the majority of its city council is white?

How in the hell did that happen, Ferguson?

Appears to most of us that Ferguson’s police forces ought to be 67-percent Black, it ought to have a Black mayor to represent the majority, and even if the folks in Ferguson find that a white mayor is the right mayor, he or she ought to be representing the interests of the People, and not his or her own. The city council should also be a representative 67-percent Black, as well.

Most of the Blacks in Ferguson are Democrats, we figured as much; but what the hell are they doing with a WHITE REPUBLICAN MAYOR, of all things? If the mayor, male or female, was white and Democrat, we’d “get it” – that’s a representation of Ferguson’s truest demographics; but white AND Republican? C’mon, People. Give us a break!

What the hell is REALLY going on? Who, exactly, is voting in Ferguson, and where the hell are they from?

The folks who vote or allow those who do vote to let these ratchet mayors and city council electorates; and who allow these racist policemen to run their homes and their lives certainly do NOT represent the people and voting pools who actually LIVE in that small town.

Hold on to your seat belt buckles, because this is the reason why BLACK FOLKS who don’t DO THE NECESSARY MATH and who DON’T VOTE are causing their own problems: If you do NOT handle business in YOUR OWN state, your own counties and municipalities, and your own cities and townships, YOU do NOT have a beef with President Barack Obama, or anyone else in Washington, DC. He and no one else can force you to take ownership of that which belongs to YOU.

I’m saying this for the hundredth-umpteenth-dinkety-dog time in my life; and to be honest, I partially ignored Ferguson because I knew whose fault it really is that this isht keeps happening.

YOURS, theirs, OURS. All of us. Period.

The high turnout of voters in Ferguson when Obama was on the ballot is proof enough that your vote (yes, I’m talking to you) ACTUALLY DOES count; but that’s not even the true purpose of this article.

Let’s run several other points by you:

Citizens United, a white Republican initiative was formulated under the usual suspects at ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council, the folks who also brought us STAND YOUR GROUND … go GOOGLE it) to take away your Constitutional RIGHT to VOTE. The truth is that they’d never spend that much money keeping you from voting if it meant as little as some of us thinks it does; but it has not been taken down ‘that road’ yet and the white folks who KNOW it’s wrong are rightly tired of fighting these battles alone.

How about US?!

If Black people were on their voting A-game, they’d know that Citizens United would never have happened if they/we had been paying attention after the ticker-tape parades and parties in D.C. ended in January of 2009.

President Obama went to work, immediately – he didn’t even take a vacation or stop for a break after he was elected; but we went back to “business as usual” and forgot that he was going to have to deal with George W. Bush’s Congress and their Democrat buddies if we didn’t watch his back.

We’ve seen not only the results of that miscalculation and erroneous misjudgment of dependence on the ‘white powers that be’, but we’ve also seen why the Republican “Tea Party” electorate got into Congress and attempted to shut President Obama down in the first place, even if it meant shutting down the entire federal government on OUR watch.

The Choice Tea for the Tea Party, NOT for America

Suddenly, it wasn’t about THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA any more; it was all about the Nigger in the White House for them; and they’d stop at nothing, including killing and starving and poisoning all of us Black folk and our “nigger-loving” friends – if they could, as revenge.

Voter Turnout is imperative, Folk.

If you can show up and show out to help get a Black man elected President of the United States, you can’t go screaming at the national deficit in Black America when the REAL problem is with the folks you allow to run the pillars and posts of your own hometown, down the street from your house.

It is imperative that we understand MATH, and understand how the SYSTEM works in order to make it work like it’s supposed to and not like the continuing racists of this nation think it should.

Truth told, what you do at home ultimately determines who GETS elected President. Obama didn’t appear from “out of nowhere” as some seem to think he did.

If anyone believes that, they believe the magically delicious leprechaun fairy-tale about where the marshmallows in the Lucky Charms come from.

Pull the curtain off the Wizard, too, Toto.

It’s because Black people don’t turn out in BIG NUMBERS for their local elections that they (we) go running to the FED when all hell breaks loose at the homestead. If we did what we were supposed to do at HOME, the only time the Federal Government would need to hear from us is if they tried this voting theft that they always do, again.

True, it has plenty to do with a system designed to deprive you/us of the right to vote by turning our men and women into bankable criminals so a lot of us can’t vote, but let’s just say that the proper officials (the ones without the KKK, Neo-Nazi Skinhead, Charlie Manson-Hitleresque backgrounds, logos, AND CONNECTIONS in their life histories) are in place on the LOCAL LEVELS…imagine that – For a change we can all believe in.

They can go for the okey-doke and try to scare Black voters off with guns if they like, but all that’s going to do is backfire and land the bullet they shot at us dead in their own asses – ultimately, their own race-hatred-mongering boomerangs on them. The world was not created round for no reason.

Back to it: Because I’m tired of saying it and so is everyone else that I know who are about to give up on Black folks AGAIN. You missed it in Mid-terms 2010, don’t miss it again.


November 2014, the Tea Party and all of their friends, as well as Citizens United and ALEC, which caused CU to surface, has to go. Period.

Get ‘er done.

Then take a long-deserved visit to the mayors and city councils in your HOMETOWN and the governor of YOUR STATES, and tell them that YOU, Mr and Ms Black Citizen, are watching everything they do from now on.

More than that, if you want the WHOLE details on what happened in Ferguson, mathematically speaking and per the precinct numbers, so you can be aware of what is likely happening in your OWN hometown with all of those racists, overt and covert, running things – contact Ms Gosier on Facebook. I am certain she would have NO problem whatsoever explaining it to you – in detail. You NEED to know, Black folks. Really.

And now a word from JOE BIDEN, Vice President of the United States, because you aren’t mad at the ‘white guy’:

 I’m going to ask you to do something.

It’s important for Barack, and it’s important for me — but it’s really easy. Trust me, we just need a few seconds of your time:

I need you to let us know right now that you’re going to vote in these upcoming elections.

I love Democrats — I really do.

But our biggest problem in elections like the ones this year is that, too often, we just don’t show up at the polls.

So I’m making a personal plea. Make your commitment to vote, and be public about it — so that your fellow Democrats, your family, your friends, your whole community knows to step up to follow your example.

So what are you waiting for?

Say you’re going to vote:

Thanks for making a difference.
Joe Biden 
Vice President of the United States of America


They didn’t go anywhere. They call themselves The Tea Party now. And you let them go to Congress when you didn’t vote in 2010. NOVEMBER 2014. Rock the Vote. Vote Blue.

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