11 Reasons All Black Women Should Wear Natural Hair Styles According To This Black Man


This article is a follow up to a post I made on the UI Facebook page encouraging black women to “Grow Their Mane.”

I tried to make it abundantly clear that people are going to do what they please, but this is just my opinion, wish and desire that every black woman walking the face of the earth would throw western standards of beauty to the wind and go natural. Embrace your heritage and allow your natural hair, beauty and power to shine forth like the gem it is.

It honestly saddens me walking about the community to see so many black women with long, straight hair, knowing that isn’t theirs. I’m almost in disbelief at the sheer volume that participate in this “fashion” (guess I never paid attention until recently or maybe never thought much of it).

jill-scott-froBut now that i’m conscious of hair, it’s amazing how marketing, media and major corporations have convinced our people that their natural beauty isn’t enough. Not only are our sisters buying make up by the gallon, but also hair by the yard.


Makes me sad.

I realize there are going to be sisters out there that will reject this notion and that is fine. If you want to continue down this path of burning your scalp, ripping your hair out at the roots, and making other people outside the community rich, then that is your business. I just want to talk to the sisters on the fence that might be considering going natural and encourage those that are to remain natural as can be.

My wife of over 13 years has been natural since we got together. I love it!

Wouldn’t have it any other way if given the choice. She is a beautiful woman that embraces her hair and natural beauty.

In fact, if we every split, I couldn’t imagine myself dating any woman that wasn’t natural. That straight, stringy, fake stuff just don’t do it for me….and there are a growing number of black men out there that feel the same way.

11 Reasons All Black Women Should Wear Natural Hair Styles According To This Black Man

Enough of the build up, let’s jump into my 11 reasons I think every black woman should wear their hair naturally. Remember, this is just my opinion, but I must share it with the community. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and responses in the comment section below.

It’s Your Roots

The one thing that makes me sad about being an African American is we can’t trace our cultural roots back very far. However, when it comes to hair, we can. We know our ancestors didn’t wear processed, straight hair or weave. They proudly wore their natural hair and loved it. Now is your opportunity to embrace your roots and love your self.

It’s Beautiful & Powerful

Black women with natural hair display their beauty, poise, and power like no other. There is nothing in the world that can match a black women standing with confidence and natural hair embracing her heritage and taking care of business.

Wide Variety of Styles

The various style options black women with natural hair have is mind boggling. I know this because i’ve watched the wife switch it up many more times than I count and i’m sure she doesn’t know all the styles.

I will say this. Just because your hair is natural, doesn’t mean it is going to be easier, or faster to maintain. In a lot of ways, it might actually be more work. But those that love their heritage, want to embrace their roots and their people will endure the battle of doing their hair.

Buck Western Standards of Beauty

Isn’t about time we put down the ways of the West? It seems to me that trying to “act white”, as some like to say, has done nothing but lead us to heartache and pain. Let’s stop following the people that have put us in this horrible situation around this planet and start doing things our own way.

Black Men Love It

Black men are waking up to the beauty, power and honor of black women that are independent enough thinkers to wear their hair as it was intended to be, natural. Black men are becoming more and more conscious to the pain, cost and economics of weave, straight hair and western beauty. It is taking a toll on our black women and our community.

The World Loves It

It amazed me the other day seeing a new trend in Asia where they are buying “black hair” wigs and wearing their hair in the natural styles our women do. Other people are looking up to and admiring your beauty black women, it is time for you to embrace it and do the same.

Control Our Economics

No one knows how to control, maintain and care for the natural hair of black women like us. If we make this movement go viral and start to create the products, services and businesses to serve our community, we can make a dramatic difference in our communities. Jobs, businesses and economic opportunities are ready to spring forward from this simple decision.

More Accepted In Workplace

I’m not going to lie and say that every workplace is ready for black women with natural hair, but the number is growing. With many television personalities, analyst and news casters making the move to natural hair, the corporate world is waking up to the needs and desires of black women with natural hair.

Separate Yourself From The Video Vixens

Seems to me the hoodrats, hoes and video vixens are the ones promoting this weave, long straight hair and caterpillar eyelashes (couldn’t help myself from throwing that in there. I can’t stand those things). I would think a respectable woman would want to separate herself as far away from that madness as possible.

Inspire The Next Generation

You rocking your natural hair will inspire the next generation, who is watching every move you make, to do the same. Our daughters, sisters and friends will see a strong black woman wearing their natural hair and want to do the same.

Stop Making Korea, India and Brazil Weave Rich

This ties into the economics of our community, but they way black women are buying weave and chemicals to make their hair long and stringing isn’t doing anything for our community, but everything for the Koreans, Indians and Brazillians. They love the fact that you are not embracing your heritage, culture and strength….making them rich in the process.

What do you think of my list? Am I in left field or hitting the nail on the head?

Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments below, but remember this is just the opinion of one man who wishes our women would grow their mane.

PUBLIC NOTE: The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not reflect the view of the Urban Intellectuals, affiliates or partners.




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  1. Could not agree with you more. I went natural five years ago and have not looked back. I rock mid-back length dreads proudly for all the reasons you stated. I find it easier and less expensive to care for my natural hair, and I never get tired of my dreads. I can wear them in a variety of ways.

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