Somebody Is Watching You!


Did you know the mannequins in your favorite store can listen to your conversations and take your picture? The minute you enter the mall you are being tracked. The driveways into the mall track your license plate. All of your information is being stored in a massive data base. If you own an iPhone when you walk into the store you get pinged. If you are a big spender you are tracked and encouraged to spend more money. The stores used facial recognition to track you.

We are being tracked all day when we decide to go out. You are being tracked by having a cell phone. Our license plates are being photographed and placed in a separate data bank. Now when you go to the license bureau to get your license renewed, they take your picture. But–you cannot smile because that can change your facial structure and your facial structure is needed just in case there is a problem.

Most of us do banking, when that happens the banks must send their information to a data base for surveillance. That information is given to various agencies. Banks are now required to ask more intrusive questions about your personal business. Here is an example, “Who do you do business with.”

Have you purchased a drone yet. When Nancy Pelosi, US Senator, opened her window one day there was a drone peering in. Boy, was she shocked. A great many people think it is cool for Amazon to deliver their packages by way of a drone. Not me! What other kinds of information are they going to collect? Most folk say, I don’t have anything to hide so let them watch me. Who is them? What are they going to do with all that data?

O.K. Did you live in an area where your children’s eyes are being scanned before they get on a bus on enter school? Not yet. Watch out for bio metrics. Using our bodies to provide data needed for whatever. Yes, their scanning children’s iris’ for identification in some schools, that is only the beginning. Whenever your child logs into a computer at school, their information is being stored and they are being tracked.

Back to drones, those little cute flying machines, they are being used on the borders. The police have access to them, how very sad. They have to get a warrant first before they use them. You know who they will be using them on. The police are now have the ability to determine who will commit a crime. That is really scary.

Police State USA: How George Orwell’s
Nightmare is Becoming Our Reality,
Cheryl Chumley


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