What Is Vulgar?


You know we have shades of vulgar and levels of acceptance. We used to have cultural standards to define vulgarity as African American, what the hell happened? Did we forget we should have a public and private self? Did we forget there was a lane for children and a lane for adults?
They are killing our culture y’all.

Yes, we forgot because we have decided to accept whatever the dominate culture tells us is o.k. We used to have our own standards. We have to reestablish those standards as we break from the decadence of the American society. They are killing our culture y’all,

Y’all are not going to like this but—. I first noticed our acceptance of vulgarity when the dominate culture decided to broadcast misogynistic rap videos. I thought to myself, what the f*** is this? I was a fan of rap until the oligarchs saw that it was uplifting our people by challenging the norms of the day. They changed the music and the message. Now everything is on the sex chord. They are killing our culture y’all.

If you follow the history of our music you will observe that our music follows what is happening within our culture. Now, the our people are following the music. There is a culture wrapped around the music that is a nail in the coffin of African American people. They are killing our culture y’all.

The culture involves the following: clothing, language, leisure activities, singing, music, clothing, dancing and writing. I often see our babies dressed like the “stars” of the videos. In their endeavor to destroy our race, this is an area they have attacked, AFRICAN AMERICAN CULTURE. They are killing our culture y’all.

Have you gone shopping with a girl recently. The clothes they are making for them are vulgar. Girls clothes are getting trampy and trampier. Our girls cannot be belittled because they are still children. They have been totally brain-washed. They are killing our culture y’all.

Our boys have been taken into that same f***** up scenario. They want to emulate their false heroes. They too are being inundated with negative images that they are told are positive. They all want to follow the oligarch’s “gold standard.” They are killing our culture y’all.

Let me return to the “stars” or messengers of madness. This is where y’all goin git p.o’ed. One of the most vulgar and totally unexpected displays of vulgarity was at an awards program. You know we have those ad nauseam. They are killing our culture y’all.

At the one awards programs we were enjoying it, until Destiny’s Child did a lap dance with those three men. A LAP DANCE!!!!!! Then they just walked off stage as though they had not committed a sexual act in public. Now that was vulgar. They are killing our culture y’all.


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