The Trash That is Now Called “TV”


In 2008-2009, Hollywood suffered a severe blow from a now-six-year old Writer’s Strike.

The early New Millennia actually carried the very last of quality broadcast television programming, with shows like “Living Single” and “Frasier.” Once the “powers that once were” threw out the true writers and started letting any old hyper-histrionic drama artist come through the doors with “ideas” for television shows, reality TV was birthed — in a breached position, no less — no insult to breach-born babies intended.

Keeping in mind that the television industry is now fraught with socially dysfunctional and morally uncommitted people who are incapable of at least portraying dysfunction in a professional manner or with depth of meaning or psychological sophistication, we now come to an understanding of how Hollywood became what it currently is.

It is an industry that is highly committed to promoting homosexuality, grossly bad behavior, and in the middle of it are a pack of mostly gay white males who are openly jealous of Black women. They simultaneously tend to have a total erstwhile ‘fetish’ when it comes to that allegedly very large Black male member that some like to refer to as a “third leg.” If that were not the case, a Kim Kardashian-type would never have gotten one of those ‘unreality’ shows when the Hollywood Glitterati needed a good goofy replacement for the now-deceased Anna Nicole Smith. Ray-J speaks the unadulterated truth about how Kardashian was “discovered” because of his third leg stuck strategically between her two sideways ones. Throw a bucket of hot water on both of them.

The end result is that when white people finally threw reality TV drama in the trash can (that island adventure thing with voyeurs who can’t stay out of other people’s business) and moved away from it, the “sloppy seconds” waiting in the shadows then gainfully showed up to pick up the garbage that is now called broadcast television programming, just to keep it moving.

James and Florida Evans
“Sit yo’ arss down!”

Black people, particularly Black women, are easy prey and rent-payers for gay white males and racists. They tend to take these so-called “opportunities” for fame and glam and eat them up like chitterling slop and barbecued hog maw at a picnic on the Fourth of July, a holiday that none of us should be celebrating regardless.

Lest anyone think I am thoroughly insulting Black women, or the Black community, let it be known that I am.

Not all Black women, not the entire community, of course; but those who do it for the money and fame and those who support it by indulging.

They (“we) should know better, but it’s an easy sell when you’re hungry –damned near starving, that is– for money, and for that kind of low-classed attention. Something Black women seldom get, even from Black men.

This, too, is a symptom of Post-Traumatic Slave Disorder, or the “Ugly Duckling” syndrome of Black women finally being portrayed in Hollywood as beautiful and worthy of tons of money and champagne parties, like white women, only with far less class, education, sophistication, and far less ability to control themselves and their lustful indulgences and heated passions — all of the elements of make-believe fantasies, again, of gay white males** and racists who rule the day in Hollywood.

To that tune, this past week, April 21, 2014, “Scandal” finally dropped off its hypnotizing hold on the Nielsen “Top Tens and Trends” for African-American watchers and was replaced with another glitterati show by the name of “Dancing with the Stars.” Looks like something the Black community began to refer to as the “Black bed wench for a white man” finally ditched its grip on Black America. Overall, the “Big Bang Theory” ranks as Number One for this same week.

With a television show like “The Big Bang Theory” in the number one spot, the plot thickens and moves past African-Americans and into the national spotlight. It is shallow TV, unsophisticated, badly written, and lame in its own right even with a thoroughly “American” non-race-delineated audience that is still somewhat off-course with Black America in many ways.

That says a lot about the fact that Hollywood truly needs to hire those writers back before the world ends up thoroughly addicted to Netflix, Hulu, M-Go, and Amazon Prime.

Like I am now. Watching only documentaries, science and high-tech shows, and nothing whatsoever that became popular after Frasier went off the air.


**The absurdity of being a fan of an old television show which featured a very out of the closet gay male presents itself. David Hyde Pierce, a gay man playing the role of a straight male in love with a woman played by Jane Leeves, is problematic. Frasier is what happens when professional and highly-paid writers seek to tell us good quality stories that truly relate — even when it comes to race and homosexuality and plain sexual behavior.

Actor Kelsey Grammer dealt with the stereotypes about Black women in a highly professional manner, using Kim “Dr. Mary” Coles to beat the game and overcome his own personal issues with Black people. [By way of note, Grammer’s beloved baby sister, Karen Grammer, was murdered by a Black man and he still harbored no particular hatred of Black people that was openly visible in his episodes.]

It also tells me that my problem is not with “gay males,” per se, but with the way those in Hollywood leverage Black women to portray their own fantastic lies about us over our truths.


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