Does The Black Community Want To Work On Solutions Or Just Bitch About Problems?


This is a serious question. Frankly, I want to believe the former is where we are as a community, but the position I sit in everyday makes me believe the latter is the truth.

I’m one of the moderators here at Urban Intellectuals and it may  not seem like much, but it affords me a pretty unique opportunity to peer behind the curtain of the black community. Having almost 50,000 fans on Facebook, thousands in our email database, and hundreds of thousands of visits to the website each month gives me valuable insight into the minds and thinking of the African diaspora, particularly the so-called African American.

black-woman-frustrated-headache-2All the time on the UI network, we hear cries from the gallery for solutions, “we need to stop focusing on the negative, find the positive, and use solutions to better our state” or, “stop pointing out what is wrong with the community and focus on finding solutions we can all work to be successful” or, “we need solutions, solutions, solutions”, something to that effect, but I wonder how many people are really ready to work the solutions instead of simply calling for them?

I say this because whenever we focus on solution based content, there are crickets. No one to be seen posting in agreement, talking about how they are implementing these things….nothing. There are no likes, shares, nothing, so it leads me to believe you don’t want solutions. You just want to seem like a progressive person and look good in the eyes of your peers, so you vocally call for solutions, but don’t want to get your hands dirty. You want someone else to do the work so it allows you to say, “I said this is exactly what we needed” without getting involved.

On  the other hand, if we post something outlining how or why we got into this hole and mess we have found ourselves, there are plenty of likes, comments, shares, and interaction for this material. And don’t let us post up some ratchet mess, you are all over that in a big way, but then get mad at us for giving you what you clearly want.

The media business is simple, black people. Give the people what they want in order to keep your interest up and energy in the game. If we continue to post something without any feedback, then that tells us you don’t want this material and we go in search of something else. So when you only respond to the negative or bitch worthy material, then that is what you are going to get more of in the coming days.

Personally, I don’t think the black community is ready or willing to work any solutions, but fully prepared to bitch and moan as if they are.

What are your thoughts?


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