It’s Still Legal To Kill Black Children: Michael Dunn Goes To Jail, But Not For Murder


I have been quiet about this case, but watching from a far. Now the verdict is in and the details are out, allow me to break words on the legal killing of black children in this country.

In case you haven’t been paying attention to this case, let me give you the run down.

The so-called “loud music”  trial is over the death of 17 year old Jordan Davis. Davis and other teens were in a car playing their music at a high volume. They got into an argument with 47 year old Michael Dunn. The argument got heated. Dunn firing shots into the car. 17 year old Jordan Davis was killed.

davis_dunn_ap_imgNo weapons, drugs or alcohol were found in the car outlining Dunn was in no danger at the time of the shooting. You already know he claimed the stand your ground law.

The verdict was released last night. Dunn will be going to jail as a result. He was charged with several counts of attempted murder and have to serve them consecutively. This means he will die in jail….however, no murder conviction??

This leads to the title. Apparently, it is still legal to murder black children, particularly in the State of Florida. There is no other way to put it.

The jury and court system  in Jacksonville, Florida, declared a mis-trail on the charge of murder. They couldn’t reach agreement. Therefore, Michael Dunn is not guilty of murder…only attempted murder.

The State’s prosecutor has vowed to try the case again for murder, but is this political theater. As many have pointed out, this could just be a song a dance, but it cannot ease the question. Is it really legal to murder young black children?

Charles Coleman writing for the Huffington Post puts it best:

Consider that within the past 12 months we’ve been reminded, so poignantly, that even by following the law, if you are a black man you can still be a target. Buying candy and a soft-drink while wearing a hoodie and walking around where you live is not a crime — but if you are young and black, you can be killed for it. Listening to your choice of music loudly is not illegal — but if you are a young black male, it could mean your life. Consider that for so many of us what is the absurd is too close a mirror to our reality.


I’m not sure what should be done, but if our children are not even protected in the eyes of law they will continue to be hunted.

Many have said this should be a call to action. Some say we must start voting and participating in the judicial system by being on the jury. Others say we need to fight, not with weapons, but with money. Boycott the stores and industries that profit on our backs in order to change the political environment. We know cash rules everything around me…at least in the world of capitalism and politics.

What say you? How should we proceed from this moment or are people over reacting?


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