Man Who Shot 8-year-old Child In the Face Gets Bail REDUCED


You remember the little 8 year old black child who was shot in the face in his front yard last month, right? Well, there is a new development in the case that is bound to seriously upset you to say the least.

Brian Cloninger is the 46 year old man who shot 8 year old African American child, Donald Maiden Jr., in the face. Maiden was minding his own business playing in the front yard of his home at the time. The youngster did survive, but is obviously traumatized by the ordeal.

shot in the faceOur hearts just bleed for this little fella and his family, but apparently the judge presiding over the case doesn’t feel the same way.

Clonginger’s attorney on the case requested the bail amount be reduced for his client. The bail was set at $2.2 million at the time. However, District Judge Larry Mitchell felt compelled to adhere to the request and lowered the bail amount to $1 million. And believe it or not, Clonginger is upset as he feels it should be lower.

Apparently, investigators believe Cloninger has serious problems with alcoholism and was drinking at the time of the shooting the child in the face. We are curious what that has to do with the price of tea in China as alcohol abuse doesn’t absolve one from their actions and decisions made on the sauce, but apparently the judge things differently.

Young Maiden has since returned home, but his mother, Monique Locklin, said he often ask if Cloninger is still in jail and fears for his safety around anyone he doesn’t know very well. As you can imagine, this is a natural reaction and it is a wonder the young fella comes out of his room at all.

“He’s afraid, and he doesn’t do well around people he’s not familiar with,” his mother said.

One witness approached Cloninger after the shooting and has stated to police that the shooter admitted, “Yeah I shot that kid.” When the witnessed asked why, Cloninger said “Because I wanted to.”

Cloninger’s wife, Marti Ewing, testified on his behalf saying that in spite of his predilection for shooting African American children in the face for no reason, “He has a very strong, Christian-oriented family.”

Local Dallas Morning News, reported that “Maiden’s family previously asked police to add charges to Cloninger’s felony injury to a child charge, because they believe the shooting was racially motivated. Dallas Police Chief David Brown dismissed the accusations.”

This case ripped my heart out of my chest at the time, but just when you think things can’t get any worse the “justice system” reminds you of the inequities rooted deep inside of it.

Wonder if the people at the scene would have allowed their anger to get the best of them and stomped Cloninger to an inch of his life would they be allowed to walk free among the rest of us? You and I know the true of how that would come out.

We need to do our part and spread the word about this case, show this system and people they cannot continue to harm our youth, women and brothers without any consequences.

Take a moment to SIGN THE PETITION letting the Dallas Country District Attorney know we demand he revoke the reduced bond for this attempted child killer.



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