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Independent production company Kinship Filmworks is currently in production on the upcoming TV series, URBAN FOOD CHAIN. URBAN FOOD CHAIN illustrates how food, a simple human need, is rife with socio-political ills. The series travels the nation, spotlighting the men and women who are working to improve nutrition, build a stronger economic base, and make their neighborhoods more livable communities.

urban food chainAs of now, the production has filmed in Chicago and Los Angeles and has a number of inspiring stories to share. The series intends to be an agent of change to better local economies and health in under-served communities by sharing these stories. “For too long, the issue of healthy food and access to healthy food has been considered a white middle class issue.” Neelam Sharma, Community Services Unlimited.

We are currently in search of a celebrity host who is naturally in line with the mission of UFC. We are reaching out to Common, Serena Williams, Andre 3000, and others. Each 30-minute episode will have three segments reflecting the political, economic and health issues relating to the food available in most urban communities. Upon completion of the pilot episode, the company will pitch cable networks and web channels, looking for the widest urban audience reach possible.

The mission of the show may seem heavy but we will certainly present these issues in a hip, musical and entertaining fashion.
Kinship Filmworks has set up an account with Indiegogo.com, a fund-raising platform that allows independent artists to raise money for their projects with specific perks given in return for each level of donation. URBAN FOOD CHAIN seeks to raise $7,200.00 by October 25th, 2013. Depending on the amount of money a donor contributes, perks range from a box of produce delivered to your home to Executive Producer credit of the show. All funds raised will go towards production costs including: travel, equipment, and post-production.

Producer, Tiffany Judkins, Founder of Kinship Filmworks, has over ten years’ experience in production. She makes her directorial debut with URBAN FOOD CHAIN. Producing credits include documentaries and doc-series for Maryland Public Television, WTTW Chicago, and Good Planet Productions. Film credits include, “A Lawyer Walks into A Bar,” and “Samsara.”

To donate to ‘URBAN FOOD CHAIN,’ please go http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-urban-food-chain

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