“Paid” In Full


Money… It truly makes the world go round. Not just for the acquisition of trinkets, but with general morality as well. The Americans before us used to mach, hold protests, and riot in the streets to get their points across. However did any of this truly make a difference in the way that it intended? I truly do not believe so. I felt that if it were not for the fact that our nation had not seen profit in equality…

money1Then it would simply not exist. I know this is shocking to some of you who believe in “revolution” and “civil rights”, but truthfully if something does not make money in this country; it is cast aside like garbage. Money is the reason for everything our government does. I may make a few enemies… But the only reason civil rights were given to us, is because the saw that they could profit off of a free black man who could work and be productive in society.

Yes slaves can work, but could not be slaughtered and eaten like true cattle. The work aspect was not enough… They had to consume as well in order to make more money for the institutions that have horded money throughout this country’s existence. Now that you are all awake, I’m going to share with you another tidbit. If you look at racism in this country, it isn’t fueled by hate of skin color anymore. That is but a simple rouse to blind you from the ugly truth. The most disenfranchised are the ones who offer the least financially when it comes to a demographic. Arabic people are seen as worse than blacks in the media. The reason is they do not consume American. They consume only the things that have been brought over by their own country. This makes them enemies of the government’s bottom line. They have developed a feaux black culture in America and have invested in it, and have promoted it to many blacks who follow it blindly and consume all of it, giving more, you guessed t… Money to the people who run “Black” culture. They stopped looking at black and white… and began to see thing as either green, or not green. The only reason we enjoy the freedoms we do as blacks in this country s because we have made ourselves profitable… Through athletics… Through music… Through the fact that there are enough of us to effect the, you guessed it/// Money here in America. A holly wood producer was quoted as saying “We don’t make Asian movies because they consume as whites do. Now we need t make movies for Blacks, because some would never go to a movie if all they saw were white people” Again… MONEY. It buys our freedom… It gives us a voice… It makes the world operate. Now that you mind has been officially blown… Thoughts?



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