His Invention Scares Off Lions & He Saved the Family’s Livestock with It


Living on the edge of Nairobi National Park, in Kenya, Richard Turere, 13 was raised herding cattle’s and protecting the herd from its known predator, the king of the jungle that roams freely in the park. For him and everyone in their village, a lion sighting can mean a loss on their livelihood.

With this lurking threat, Richard sees it as an opportunity to help the village in his own small way.

With a curious mind, he closely observed any possible distraction to ward off the beast without having to attack it.

He found that lions are generally afraid of a flashing light and run away when they see villagers walk around carrying flashlights. He then improvised his own lighting system and placed it on their enclosure. Since then, they no longer lost any of their cattle.

Seeing his simple invention has effectively ward off the lion, villagers came to ask him to create the system to their own homes. This has brought recognition to Richard’s invention of the “Lion Light”. With his brilliant mind, and potentials, Richard was given a scholarship so he may continue his studies as he aspires to become a pilot or an aircraft engineer.

Being as simple as it is, it has achieved more than its purpose of helping the village against stray lions, it is also a huge help to the lions from poachers or be killed mercilessly.

A remarkable proof that a little help can go a long way.

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