WORD: Black Business Kwanzaa Celebration Goes BIG In Brooklyn!


Brooklyn saw 100s of people descend to the streets to celebrate Kwanzaa and black business yesterday for a 50th year Kwanzaa bar and restaurant crawl, focusing on black business!

The event included 17 local bars and restaurants around Bedford-Stuyvesant, Crown Heights, Prospect Heights, Clinton Hill, Fort Greene, and Park Slope.

vent organizer Kerry Coddett, a comedian who founded the group Operation Mobilize told the NY Daily news:

“We’re always looking to bring the community together and inspire people to take an active role in the things that happen in their community,” said event organizer Kerry Coddett, a comedian who founded the group Operation Mobilize.

“So this is just another one of our initiatives. We think it’s important that we support the small black-owned businesses that support us, that hire us.”

The hope is that this event will spread across the nation.

“We’re tired of being shot,” she said. “We’re tired of police brutality. We’re tired of complaining, and we’re tired of protesting. This event is one of those things that encourages people to be mobile and do something and learn who their congressmen and city council members are. They’re all out here supporting this.”

In 1966 Kwanzz was created to honor African heritage. The holiday celebrates for 7 days and pushes unity and community.

Here are some tweets from people who attended:

Read more in NY Daily News.

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