No Matter How Dark Or Light, Black Men Are Beautiful


Being black goes way beyond the shade of skin. They say color is only skin deep… Well that may be true but BLACK goes to the core! Being black is such an felt identity in modern America that it needs to be embraced.

One’s actual blackness should never be a factor in their right to be black. From Jesse Williams to Djimon Hounsou black men of all shades are doing amazing things as humans and as black men.

Many years ago, a striking photo circulated showing “the darkest and lightest men” meeting. The fact that they were both black but one was white as white and one black as black cut a striking image. The image was created with the help of makeup but it made a strong point. Both men are black. See one of the images below:

This image was taken by Rachel Litchfield for a spread in Chaos Magazine in 2011.

I love this image, it says so much. Both men look and are cutting a strong figure, stark in contrast but united in blackness.

The two models in this photo are stark in contrast in real life, Papis Loveday and Shaun Ross can be seen below.

Of course, it goes without saying, every word of this is true for black women too!


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