NO EXCUSES: Ghanan Man’s RIPPED Body Product Of Eating Right And Pushing Homemade Weights


You got to see these videos, these guys are working hard! No bro-menus with fancy foods and chemical mixes. Just good solid african food and weights put together from car parts and concrete. No drugs, just doing it right! This Ghanan man and his friends are showing us what determination can do and just where you can push a body if you are not lazy.

Ghanan Kulbila Agyarko Samuel clearly isn’t a rich man (yet) but through eating right and building the equipment needed he and his friends at Team Kulbila are building the bodies they want on their terms.

For any of us that are making excuses for not hitting the gym, not getting to the fitness level we think we desire, this is a wake up call.

Learn more about Kulbila at Team Kulbila.

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