Afro-Mexicans are Pushing for Reforms in Mexico


Today you can find 500,000 to 2 million Afro-Mexicans/ Afro-descendants residing in Mexico where Afro-Mexicans have been lobbying for inclusion amongst their countrymen.

They explained that they don’t feel discrimination in their towns, but when they travel to other states or the capital of Oaxaca they are looked at differently because they are Afro-Mexican. Although they are viewed differently they are more concerned with being included in politics and society.

Recently Sergio Peñaloza Perez, the leader of the organization Black Mexico, announced that his organization is working with senators to ensure Afro-Mexicans are included in the Federal Constitution, funding is allocated for economic, cultural and social development in Afro-Mexican communities. This includes inclusion of African descendants in schools heavily populated by Afro-Mexicans.

Black Mexico is a pioneer in the Afro-Mexican movement and aims to achieve constitutional recognition Afro-Mexicans in Mexico, while combating discriminatory practices and increasing the visibility of Afro-Mexicans throughout Mexico. They are making progress and are surely making their presence felt. We could learn a thing or two from this movement.


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