DID YOU KNOW? Marvel’s New Iron Man Is A Genius Black Girl!


Tony Stark has been iconised in the mainstream by Downey’s Jr’s performances in the Iron Man and Avengers movies but in the comic book world he has stepped aside and a new person is stepping into the suit.

This new person is a girl, she is black, at 15 she reverse engineered one of Stark’s suits in her dorm room. What was she doing in a dorm at 15? Well, she enrolled in MIT at that tender young age!

So, Stark made contact, the pair continued the work and she is the new Iron Man!

In Civil War II Tony Stark hangs up his suit to is replaced by genius Riri Williams.

Struck by chaos and violence in Chicago writer Michael Bendis told Time:

“And this story of this brilliant, young woman whose life was marred by tragedy that could have easily ended her life, just random street violence, and went off to college was very inspiring to me.

“I thought that was the most modern version of a superhero or superheroine story I had ever heard.”

So, the idea for RiRi was born, it grew and issue #1 is out now, titled “The Invincible Iron Man #1”.

To top it off, a variant issue cover features RiRi, a fictional character, and the very real Ariell Johnson. Ariell made history in January by becoming the first black owner of a comic book store on the East Coast (in Philly) and the first black female country wide to own a comic book shop!


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