From Life Fail To Ivy League Ph.D! This Ex-Con Shows Us That ANYBODY Can Pick Themselves Up…


Remember this name, Joseph Mathews. And remember him whenever life seems like it’s dragging you down.

Joseph really hit low, his life was on the wrong track, he suffered depression, spent time in jail but now, oh man, now he has recovered in sublime style.

Here is some serious inspiration he posted to his facebook:

I never imagined that when I was placed in special education as a 3rd grader, flunking all 6 classes as an 8th grader, battling through depression as a 10 grader, a high school dropout spending time in jail as an 11th grader and ranked last in my class of 166 as a 12th grader back in Oklahoma, that one day I would become a former special education teacher now at Columbia University as a PhD student in education, about to pick up my 2 Masters degree from a top Ivy League University. I never imagined I would be here but I never stopped dreaming, fighting, seeking mentorship, grinding and keeping the faith because I knew I was going to make it to somewhere.
Please don’t give up on your dreams and the people who you are called to serve, they need you. And to the kids living in the struggle and people looking for your place in the world this is for you –


His story is very special and he has actually taken the time to share his amazing tale in a memoir:


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