Black Jews Fight Back Against Israeli Police Brutality!


It seems that the USA isn’t the only country where Police Brutality is directed towards blacks! The Black Jews in Israel have been having a huge struggle over the years getting recognised and having their voice heard instead of silenced.

Now protests are ongoing against Israeli Police Brutality that the community say they are facing.

Much of the Western World media ignores the Israeli citizens of Ethiopian dissent much because of the “whiteness” associated with “Jewishness”. However anti-police brutality and social justice protesters are keeping the up protest in Israel to try and get the voices heard.

100s of Ethiopian Jews have been protesting against “the police’s racist attitudes toward their community,” according to Israeli news source Ha’Aretz. And in some cases it’s been reported the police are cornering off protests to try and hide them from view and also hide their response to what start as peaceful protest.

Some of the protests have been sparked by a decision by Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein to close a criminal investigation against a policeman who brutalized Ethiopian IDF soldier Demas Fekadeh. An online petition has been setup to boycott joining the IDF and there are many more initiatives underway.

More can be read on Counter Current News:

Below is a video from the police – protester clashes in Tel Aviv.


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