Fox News Tells Black Protesters To Leave America For Stomping On American Flag


America has a lot of nerve to tell a people to go live somewhere else. America loves to condemn people who disrespect American values and democracy. But America forgets that it has been hell on earth every since the conception of the United States of America. America has murdered more people than any other period in history.

America has taken a people, stripped them of their culture, murdered their men, raped their women, and used their children as bait for animals. This is the same America that thinks they have the right to get offended if a black person steps on their flag. Seeing videos like this makes me want to go to war with these bastards. But as I take a deep breath, I know my people are not united meaning we are not ready.

A sick new 'challenge' is going viral, urging people to disrespect and stomp on the American flag. Give us your reaction.

Posted by Fox & Friends on Friday, May 1, 2015

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