Black Owned Gas Station Losing Thousands Due to Police Harassing Customers


Diane Stower owns a BP gas station in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She said she has lost thousands of dollars in business last year due to the police harassing her customers. Two young African American males were recorded saying while at her gas station an officer approached them asking, “where the guns at?” And continued to harass them looking for guns and drugs solely based on their appearance. There is no telling how many times this has happen at her station.

People should be able to buy gasoline without being racially profiled and harassed. So please make sure you patronize her business and help her weather this storm. Maybe we can start videotaping the officers to decrease the unlawful activities. You can also try downloading the app “Five-0” to document harassment by the officer or officers that are practically running this hard working woman out of business.

Visit Stower’s Gas Station!
807 W. Atkinson
Milwaukee, WI 53206

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